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ur mission at Inis Tea Company is to introduce to the US the world of great tea.  Far too many people have only ever experienced stale, poor quality hot tea, or iced teas made from lesser quality tea leaves and loaded with artificial preservatives.  We seek to remedy that!

Our teas focus on two main areas: freshness and quality.  Learn More

We promise to endeavor to provide the freshest tea.  In many cases the tea we sell will have been harvested less than a year from when you purchase it.  By ensuring the freshness of the tea leaves, we provide a tea that tastes great and is of the best quality.

We also promise to let you know where your tea comes from*.  Not only do we think this is just plain cool to know, it also allows you to know a bit more about what you are drinking.  Quality is extremely important in enjoying a great cup of tea, and we feel that seeking out the regions of the world that have been growing the best tea for centuries is best for our customers.  

I doubt you'll get a similar promise from anyone else!

So sit back, relax, grab your favorite cup of tea and explore what Inis Tea Company has to offer!  You'll be glad you did!


Owner, Inis Tea Co.


With some flavored teas, we may not have this information available.